St Peter’s

St Peter’s church in the centre of Northampton (opposite Sol Central) is open between Tuesday and Saturday between 10AM and 4PM, during which times there are volunteer guides available to give information about the history of the church, Northampton Castle and the town of Northampton.

St Peter’s is a grade 1 listed building maintained and run by the Churches Conservation Trust.

The current building was built in the early 12th Century and is a brilliant example of a Norman church. It is well worth a visit.

There have been religious buildings on the site since Saxon times, with there being evidence for at least one stone building on the site. On display in the church are some remnants of this church including carved Saxon stones.

The most distinctive feature of the church are the original Norman intricately carved stone column capital heads, each unique and hand-carved in the 12th century by artisan stone masons.

Saint Ragener is associated with the church. During the reign of Edward the Confessor a shrine was built to Ragener and the church was a site of pilgrimage. One surviving early carved stone grave slab may be linked with the Shrine, which is on display at the church.

Today, the church is also used as a venue for music concerts, storytelling events, and as an exhibition space. We aim to build community links and become a cultural centre for the town. If you would like to hold an event at St Peters please get in touch with the Friends of St Peter’s at

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