Virtual Tour of Northampton Castle

The Friends of Northampton Castle are proud to announce our new virtual tour of Northampton Castle. With a brand new animation and an original audio tour, it’s well worth a look & listen!

When we released the first 3D Reconstruction of the castle in July 2012, we got a huge amount of positive feedback which encouraged us to ‘up the stakes’ and create a new guided tour based on the original.

Once again our volunteers have worked in collaboration with historians, architects and researchers, and with the help of NVision at the University of Northampton, our all-new animation is nearly three times the length and includes a detailed audio guide, giving the viewer a tour through the castle’s rich and varied history.

The Friends of Northampton Castle are constantly looking for new ways to bring the past alive, and we are hoping this virtual guided tour inspires and informs you. We think it’s a brilliant way to contextualise the castle, and really makes it relevant for modern-day Northamptonians.

If you’d like to join our growing ranks of archaeologists, heritage enthusiasts and those with an interest in seeing Northampton reach its historical potential, please do come along to our next public meeting – details on the homepage.

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