Sign the petition to recognise Northampton Castle!

We’ve just created a petition which we hope to use to create evidence that the townspeople care about Northampton Castle. It’s hugely important to show the people in charge that the castle is important, not just historically (that much is obvious) but also within the context of the modern day town.

If we are to gain support from the council, then we need to show that it’s not just a handful of history buffs who are passionate about it, but a wide range of people from the town and county.

Since we launched this website in July we have seen 950 people look at the website, over 150 of whom were searching Google for “Northampton Castle”. Additionally we’ve seen nearly 150 visits from wikipedia’s page on Northampton Castle, demonstrating further interest. Our visitors spend an average of four minutes looking at the website, and click through around 4 pages each. That means that in just over six months, our pages have been viewed over 4000 times.

It’s figures like this that will really support our cause and help to show that people care, and that recognising, preserving and celebrating the castle is something that the people will support.

Sign the petition.

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