Meeting Report March 2012

Notes from FONC meeting March 2012:

Apologies from Andy H. and from Sabine ( Uni. Dept Built Environment.)

Sanaa talked us through drawings of the Castle based on previous surveys. He had put in an enormous amount of work and we all thanked him. In order to progress we now WE NEED ACCESS to some specialist software. Possible opportunities to be followed up by individuals and reported back via or direct to Sanaa.

Updates were given re forthcoming events:

1) FONC in Peoples Gallery in the Museum (24th April – 28th May) Themes : Kings and Queens, Trials and Treasure, Siege and War. HELP NEEDED to locate costumes for each theme.

2) 7th May Festival – John reported progress, STILL NEEDED musicians and artists, crowns for the kids – Joe reported PL insurance sorted. At a later date we need to pay this from FONC funds.

3) Archaeology Week– July we have permission to dig in Spring Lane school grounds, a bid is in for funding to CASPAR.

4) Alison Weir has agreed to speak , 14th September at Castle Hill Church. Ellen NEEDS HELP advertising – target audiences eg book clubs.. We will charge for admission and possibly for a VIP drink beforehand. We have no costs so main aim will be to popularise FONC – may be to launch our membership org.

Contacts with the authorities progressing well. CCT is doing feasibility study work on interpretation or resource centre for Marefair. We are being consulted. NBC and NCC are acknowledging our interest. Their Northampton Alive leaflet acknowledges the Heritage Gateway in Marefair. Also NBC may allow us to do a research dig on the area behind Castle Mound – to check what could be exposed.

Website is fully up to date including the proposal. Notice of this emailed to a long list of Movers and Shakers. Great thanks to Howard and Lindsay. We have had an offer via the website from a family history writer who wants to use her profit to sponsor FONC. We are happy to ack. Sponsorship on the website.

Our new trail leaflet has been printed (5000 copies) Jon NEEDS HELP transporting and folding the leaflet at St Peters. Transport was volunteered at the meeting.

It is obvious we now need a bank account. Joe will research cheapest and most appropriate. We recognise that we will need officers of the group and a TOR document to open an account. Pro tem Officers to be appointed next meeting and TOR to update.

Tom suggested we concentrate some research on the Castle and the Civil War as this will attract interest and is a significant part of the Castle story.

During the course of the meeting ref made to sources and artefacts that could be followed up to help us in displays etc – Tom Osborne Robinson’s panels of Northampton History are ( we believe) with the University. There was a model castle on display for Queen Victoria when she visited Northampton – source article?

Jon proposed that we take part in the Heritage Fair usually held in town around 8th/9th September.

Date of Next meeting 27th April 6pm OBL ( all being well).

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