Meeting Report August 2012


It was agreed that Jon and Marie and John would start the process of cataloguing finds on 20th August and that they would request help as necessary. A newsletter will be produced to be sent to everyone who attended. The finds would be exhibited at the School, at St Peters and hopefully at the history fair in Holy Sepulchre. Any material not appropriate for holding could be used to create an art work at the school. Ian reported that he had analysed the attendance –total of 94 people over the weekend. Detailed breakdowns are available for the CF monitoring report and for planning further digs. It was agreed to thank Jon for his hard work on planning the dig and Duncan for allowing us to use the school site.


Volunteers were requested to confirm availability for the 3 days (Fri 7 th/Sat 8th/Sunday 9th). We need 2 group members for each tour ( at 12.00 and 2pm on each ) and people to staff a stall at the History fair at Holy Sepulchre on Saturday 8th (times tbc). Jon and Tom, our most expert guides are already committed to jtrails. At the moment we have 4 volunteers each for Friday (June, Julia, John, Marie) and Sunday (Joe, Julia, John and Marie) and tentative coverage for Saturday ( Jon, Sanaa, Ellen, Paul and Elaine). We will need to provide material for the stall including exhibition boards. Jon and Marie will try to get a project plan together about who, how and where asap.


As Ellen was delayed in London, it was agreed to put Lin in touch with her about the venue. Tickets will be printed shortly, and should be available to purchase in town. But posters are also available via the website and people can order direct. Members were encouraged to book early (at a discounted rate for members) and advertise it to their friends. Final arrangements for staffing the event -at the next meeting.


Howard’s written report of the interest shown in our facebook page and particularly the 3D of the castle was very encouraging. We need to make sure we have new info regularly to keep the interest going.


There was some discussion around the 3D image – Sanaa is planning to enhance it with some images of the inside of the castle (a hanging, a stained glass window?). There was some discussion around how we know that the image is accurate eg the 17th century map shows a round castle, was it really round? We all agree that we are using what evidence we have to build an image which above all helps to generate involvement. We do not need to have the definitive answer before we proceed.

Contacts have been made who might offer help in developing a real (rather than virtual) model of the castle but it was agreed that we need to park this until we have some idea whether we will have a centre for exhibiting a model.


Joe reported that the bank account is now open and we can transfer the funds for the dig programme to it. Membership fees are also now coming in.

We agreed to supply funds to Ellen for printing and incidentals for the Alison Weir event. We agreed to fund the creation of a greeting card based on the 3D image of the castle, acknowledgement to be given to University and Sanaa. Joe will seek costings.

Jon reported that the Castle Ale purchased for the May event had been located but he was still trying to get hold of the manager who held the cash. The OBL continues closed at the moment.


Marie reported good news on the way in which NBC is now taking the lead on the development of the heritage square and that the WNDC proposals for the railway station were looking more sensitive to the history and archaeology of the place. John reported that the CCT project (which involves the OBL) was also beginning to look promising. Further news next meeting.

John proposed that we invite the Mayor of Northampton to become the patron of FONC. This was agreed.

Next meeting: 14th September. 6pm at Castle Hill Church rooms.

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