Meeting Report April 2012

Our meeting this time was short – as OBL room had been booked for a later event. Peter A from CCT outlined the proposal for a social enterprise partnership between CCT, the owners of OBL and voluntary groups such as FONC and FOSP. All agreed that the proposal fitted well with our ambitions for the area. Peter invited FONC to take part in the governance of the project and we agreed to name delegates once numbers per organisation had been decided. We also agreed to put the proposal on our website.

Joe J proposed that we open a club/society bank account with Lloyds TSB. This was agreed. The three signatories should be Joe J (acting as treasurer) , Marie D as Chairperson, and Jon S.

Sanaa reported on the good progress made in working with the University on a 3D model of the Castle. He was thanked for his efforts.

John D reported on progress with May Revels and appealed for people to assist for 1 hour before the event in setting up stalls etc. All to report to John on carpark at 12noon. 7th May.

Marie D gave a brief update on conversations with Brian Binley MP and Jim Harker leader of NCC. There is still a strong prospect of the wider project for a Heritage Gateway receiving funding.

Date of Next Meet : 1st June 6pm OBL .

Due to shortage of time we agreed to update on any other matters informally in the bar.

RuthT and Ellen C both sent apologies for absence which reached us after the meeting closed.

Jon reminded everyone to go and see the Peoples Gallery Exhibition and thanked Julia and Marie for their help.

Julia G was persuaded to help the chairperson by doing the minutes in future. Hoorah!

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