Constitution of the Friends of Northampton Castle (FONC)

Our constitution is presented here. You may also download a copy of our constitution as a PDF.


The name of this group shall be Friends of Northampton Castle; referred to hereafter as FONC.


  • Raise awareness of the historical and archaeological significance of the Northampton Castle site and to protect what remains of the site for the benefit of the town, its people and visitors.
  • Support and develop present day community pride in Northampton’s significant role in the constitutional, economic and religious history of the medieval period.

Our approach will be to:

  • Work with other groups and agencies with an interest in the Castle site area.
  • Develop the skills of our members and enable them to participate fully in the development of the historical and heritage value of the site.
  • Be a working group in which members fully participate.
  • Encourage local residents and relevant agencies to work together to create a long term and sustainable future for the heritage of the area.
  • Raise and spend funding as necessary for all the above.


The first group of the fully paid-up members is as named below. Any person, who shares the aims and approach above, may become a member of FONC subject to the approval, by the vote of a simple majority of the fully paid-up members present, at a meeting where the application is received.


The Annual General Meeting shall:

  • Be called at one month’s notice.
  • Elect officers including a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Decide on the names of three signatories to the FONC Bank Account or Accounts.
  • Approve the Annual Accounts presented by the Treasurer.
  • Name an Auditor (as and when this becomes appropriate).
  • Settle membership fees for the forthcoming year.

The quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be one third of the fully paid-up membership in that year. Where necessary the Chair will use his/her casting vote to break any deadlock.


An Extraordinary General Meeting shall:

  • Be called at one month’s notice.
  • Need a minimum of one third of the paid membership in that year requesting it to be called.
  • Have an agenda that is strictly adhered to and published at same time of calling; that is at one month’s notice.


The Friends of Northampton Castle (FONC) may be dissolved by a simple majority of the members present at an Extraordinary General Meeting. Any surplus funds will be allocated to organisations, properly constituted and with similar aims to the Friends of Northampton Castle.

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