A Call To Action

If you are visiting this website it is because you care about Northampton’s history. Please take a moment to help preserve it and bring it back to prominence.

As you may know, much of the Castle site is not protected, but English Heritage are reviewing this. We need to let them know how important it is to the town and are asking you to send a quick email to English Heritage gently reminding them of this.

The person you must email is: applicationseast@english-heritage.org.uk

We have prepared a few paragraphs to get you started, or you can draft your own email.

I am delighted that English Heritage is looking at re-scheduling to ensure that all the archaeological remains of Northampton Castle are protected from ill informed development. I urge English Heritage to recognise that the process should be open and inclusive, so that the knowledge base from which they work is as full as possible.

There is now an exciting opportunity to answer many questions about the castle and to make it visible for future Northamptonians. I believe that all the concerned should make sure that this unique opportunity to bring some of the Castle’s remains to the surface is not lost. Re-burying may be a form of preservation – but the best preservation comes from public understanding and appreciation.

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